SIX ERP 😊 these features make us unique

Fast – Easy to use – No Limitations – Customizable

Enterprise-grade ERP solution with all features

Everything you need to run your business

We believe that every company should have access to a great ERP to manage their business. Therefore, we work differently from the rest of the ERP industry. You don’t have limits on users or modules, no scalability issues, and no sacrifices on speed and usability. The best – It can be adjusted to you and how your company works.

Simple & User friendly

User-friendly UX design with industry leading fast performance

If you want to increase the adoption and usage rate, it is vital to have a user-friendly system. We focused on fast and user-friendly interfaces that ensure an excellent adoption. 

  • Easy interfaces
  • Fast user-interaction
  • User-friendly UX design

Fast … So fast, it saves time

Save valuable time by eliminating unnecessary loading-times

Waiting just 20 sec. per operation with an average of 100 operations means that your employees are wasting more than 30 min EVERY day waiting for a slow system.
Increase usability and improve the user experience of your ERP.

  • Fastest ERP solution
  • Built on the latest web-technologies
  • Safe valuable business time

No limits
Unlimited usage

Scale, grow and use with confidence without hidden fees

We are the only enterprise ERP solution that doesn’t limit the resources or users.
Take advantage of every module with as many users as you want.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited modules
  • Unlimited usage
  • Unlimited scalability

GDPR compliant & Data Security

All your data in one single place - maximum data security and GDPR compliance

With all information in just one single ERP, you have full control over your customers’ data. With industry-leading security standards, we also ensure full data protection compliance. (GDPR, CCPA, …)

  • 100% GDPR compliance
  • Data protection by design
  • Full control of all data 

100% your Data

No shared databases and no access from outside – only your data

Compared to SaaS solutions, which have access to your data as you are stored in a single database, we never touch your data.
Have full control of all your data, protected and fully secure.

  • Full data control
  • Protect your companies' data
  • Data isolation in your own pod

Integrated and extendable

Flexible in every way – The most customizable ERP solution you will find

Get all your information into one place and connect everything. All data streams from different modules are already integrated. With API and customization, you can easily also integrate new features.

  • Full data integration
  • All systems are connected
  • Easily expand and customize with

Affordable & Low TCO

Digitalize your business with industry-leading low costs

You only pay for the license and set-up. This makes us one of the most affordable ERPs on the market. No need to worry about user-based licensing or hidden costs.

  • One price – unlimited use
  • Fully managed service
  • Industry-leading low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
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“ The easiest and fastest ERP I worked with. Fabulous support and excellent data integrations. Using it for all of my companies and I have to say.. I am truly satisfied. ”
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