Purchase Management (POM)

Manage Purchase orders through intuitive workflow processes. Multiple approval processes complement a clean purchase management cycle. Connected with Warehouse for an uninterrupted Inventory flow.

Purchase Management

What is Purchase Management

Manage the purchase process from external suppliers

Procurement management involves managing the ordering, quotations, receipts but also includes the approval process. In general, it helps companies get the goods they pay for and ensure accountability throughout the whole procurement process. 

With a connection to warehousing and inventory, it automatically tracks the company's flow of materials and products.


Purchase Request

Manage Purchase Requests by Employees for Products or Service to order from external vendors
Decorator Purchase Management


Send Quotation requests to vendors and upon approval order goods.
Decorator Purchase Management

Purchase Orders

After successful quotation and approval of Purchase Requests approve the Purchase Order.
Decorator Purchase Management
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Controlling the purchase process in every aspect

Get a complete overview and control of your order management cycle with all features necessary

Manage all vendors in a single dashboard

Manage all vendors in a single dashboard

Get easy vendor management in place

A central vendor management interface makes it easier for all employees to place purchase requests and purchase orders. The system shows you all relevant information about the vendor like contact persons, contracts, relevant purchase orders, and all payments history.

  • Vendor Management incl. Dashboard
  • History and important data
  • Local contact and contract management
Create purchase requests easily

Create purchase requests easily

Manage internal purchase requests

Simplify the process of purchasing goods for your production or sales. Let employees create requests for commodities and inventory, approve these requests, and automatically convert them to a request for quotation (RFQ). If the vendor agrees, it can create a purchase order directly in the system.

  • Simple workflow for purchase requests
  • Multi-stage approval process
  • Automation from purchase request to purchase order
Manage contracts and approve payments

Manage contracts and approve payments

Approval processes and vendor management

Get a fast and accessible overview of your outstanding balances with vendors. Get approval and manage all contracts and payments within the purchase management module. A complete order management cycle can be implemented and executed.

  • Manage all contracts
  • Get an overview of outstanding vendor-balances
  • Approval processes for payments

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