Pre- Integration Consulting

We analyze and discover your precise ERP Needs


Specification of precise business requirements and technical ERP Advisory

Business Analysis

Understanding the critical business requirements and integrating them in the ERP strategy

Alteration and Refinements

We are refining the business scope for 100% matching business requirements

Analyzing, Requirements, and More

An ERP is important for your business; we identify your requirements.

You are new to the ERP world or already have a system running. No matter at what stage you are in your journey to manage your company with a simple ERP system, our requirements engineers are helping you to identify your specific business needs.

We understand that it is challenging to find the right solution; we also developed SIX ERP with customizability in mind. No matter what your business is doing now or where it wants to expand in the future, everything is possible.

We evaluate all possible outcomes within the requirements definition phase, define the best possible options, and propose the right solutions.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Every business works differently; we adapt to your needs

We analyze business processes, identify digitalization potentials and help you prioritize the suitable topics. With many years of experience in software implementation, development, and ERP integration, we can support your ERP strategy before thinking about the requirements.

A successful business analysis identifies the specifics and helps define the requirements for an ERP integration.

  • Digitize your business
  • Define business needs
  • Find your ERP strategy
Requirement Engineering

Requirement Engineering

Finding the right solution for you

An essential step in the process of a new ERP is always understanding the business-specific requirements. Your technical and business ERP consulting will help you define the crucial requirements to make your ERP project work. With the list of requirements, we can then look for the right solutions, define the following steps and align these ERP requirements with your business needs.

  • Getting an overview of business specifics
  • Define the essential requirements
  • Align requirements with your business needs
SIX ERP Testimonial Cubes
“ The most customizable solution we found replacing our legacy CRM solution we worked with for too long. ”

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