Human Resource Management (HRM)

Manage all your employees from a single human resource information system (HRIS). The system allows you to track time and manage leave. A complete Human Resource planning tool also helps in the recruitment and evaluation process.

Human Resource Management

What is HRM?

Strategic management of your employees and their potential

Human resource management combines different aspects for staff management in an organization. From Recruitment, Onboarding, Organizational Structure, Human Resource Development up termination. The goal is to design a complete human resource strategy and maximize employee performance according to an employer's strategic objectives. Additionally, the Human Resource Information system gives you access to all relevant information about your staff.

HR Management

Manage all your staff

Excellent Staff Management is a must for any company - starting from the first employee!
Decorator Human Resource Management

Hire Employees fast

Hire Staff faster with organized processes and interview management integrated.
Decorator Human Resource Management

Contract Management

Store employee contracts, know when contracts expire. Manage the entire legal process in an all-in-one solution.
Decorator Human Resource Management
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“ The most customizable solution we found replacing our legacy CRM solution we worked with for too long. ”

Human Resource Information System features to manage your workforce

Get an all in one solution for your Human Resource Strategy

Automated and standardized onboarding

Automated and standardized onboarding

Create Seamless Onboarding experiences

Get all the access, information, pieces of training, and even company insights you need as an employee. The onboarding process can be automated to get easy access to all the information employees need to start fast and efficiently. Next to onboarding, the entire employee life-cycle management also helps develop your human resources and simplifies the termination process.

  • Unified onboarding management
  • Manage resources for new employees
  • Give access rights to new staff members
  • Create checklists for fast onboarding

All contracts and supporting documents in one place

Central and up-to-date documentation

Manage all employee contracts in one place. The system doesn't just manage the contracts. It is even possible to sign contracts via a remote-signature functionality. 

Attach essential documents to employee contracts and always stay on top with up-to-date documentation.

  • Employee contract Management
  • Remote Signature
  • Extensive Document Management

Create internal company pieces of training

Engage new employees from hour one

The HRM system allows creating different onboarding workflows and specific training, which can be managed in groups or other training flows. This functionality also tracks if people interact with the training and engage with the content.

  • Easy training creation
  • Create engaging onboardings
  • Manage groups and pieces of training centrally

The HRM trusted by leading companies

Tap into a global network of companies who already know and trust SIX.

80,000 staff

have been working with SIX HRM

1,000,000 CVs

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500+ Companies

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We are not SaaS - You own your data!

Own your HRM data

You have your own decoupled pods with all your data. Nobody else has access to it. You own your data - always!

European solution

Trusted solution built with the strict European standards in mind. SIX is built for leading global companies.

GDPR compliant

Be on the safe side when it comes to employee-data compliance. Our GDPR module makes it possible to manage all personal data without any hassles safely.

We are not SaaS - You own your data!

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