Customer Relation Management (CRM)

The best CRM Tool to track Customer Relations and Leads. Use the simple CRM Platform to integrate with Sales, Analytics, and eCommerce. An extensive yet simple and personal CRM to build your customer base.

Customer Relation Management

What is a CRM?

Manage your Customers and Potential Customers (Leads)

CRM or Customer Relationship Management functionality allows managing all external interactions between your company and external clients. The objective in Customer Relationship Management is to interact, track, monitor, and plan actions related to Customers Satisfaction and the fulfillment of requests received from a multitude of touchpoints. 

SIX ERP Testimonial Cubes
“ The most customizable solution we found replacing our legacy CRM solution we worked with for too long. ”

With hundreds of CRM features, here are our highlights!

A mission to focus on the three things most important to you.

One of the fastest CRMs

One of the fastest CRMs

Get a better experience while managing your customers with blazing fast interfaces.

Your salesforce doesn't like slow interfaces, and we get it. It can be not very pleasant when a CRM is slow and unresponsive. We focused on creating one of the fastest experiences to manage all your customer data. 

SIX CRM is the customer management software built on the latest web technologies and stores all CRM data in dedicated databases within your own pod. This allows for fast scalability and less friction when more of your staff use the system. You can grow as fast as you want; the system will always keep up with your growth.

  • Web-based solution
  • no install needed
  • Built with the fastest web technologies
  • Highly scalable CRM
Fully integrated Customer Data Management

Fully integrated Customer Data Management

All SIX modules are integrated with the CRM.

All SIX ERP modules are interconnected with the CRM. This connectivity gives you access to all your customer data, customer interactions, and even financial data to always keep an eye on what is happening in your company. 

Imagine that all your customer data can be found in a single place and with just the push of a button. This way, you can build a strong customer relationship based on customer insights and CRM data.

  • API access to CRM data
  • Connect external Data-Sources
  • Get end-to-end customer insights
From Lead to Customer

From Lead to Customer

Full lead-life-cycle management

Get all your leads into one place. After running campaigns, get all your prospects into your sales pipeline and manage them according to your very own strategy. Manage all the stages from one single CRM dashboard and convert leads from demand generation to active customers.

  • Lead-life-cycle management
  • Manage lead stages
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Monitor campaigns and their effectiveness

The CRM leading companies trust

Tap into a global network of companies who already know and trust SIX.

10 million leads

have been processed

$1 billion in sales

have been facilitated by SIX

500+ companies

use SIX to drive business and growth

Empowering independent business owners everywhere
Quality and Security

We are not SaaS - You own your data!

Own your CRM data

You have your own decoupled pods with all your data. Nobody else has access to it. You own your data - always!

European solution

Trusted solution built with the strict European standards in mind. SIX is built for leading global companies.

GDPR compliant

Be on the safe side when it comes to customer-data compliance. Our GDPR module makes it possible to manage all personal data without any hassles safely.

We are not SaaS - You own your data!

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