Proposal Management

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Proposal Management
Proposal Management

With the Proposal Management module in SIX ERP, you can easily create, edit, and manage proposals. This module allows you to send proposals to customers automatically, and they can electronically sign them. Once accepted, a proposal can be easily converted to an Estimate or Invoice.

You can also completely customize proposal designs, attach additional PDFs to proposals, and create proposal templates to speed up the proposal creation.

The Proposal Management module provides powerful tools for managing your proposal process. With this module, you can:

  • Create, edit and manage proposals
  • Automatically send proposals to customers
  • Let customers electronically sign proposals
  • Convert an accepted proposal to an Estimate or Invoice
  • Customize proposal design
  • Attach additional PDFs to proposals
  • Create proposal templates
  • Export proposals as PDF

SIX ERP makes it easy to create proposals and manage them in one dashboard. You can create proposals quickly and easily and then track their progress and status from your dashboard. This makes it easy to stay on top of your proposals and ensure they move through the approval process as smoothly as possible.

Need to make changes to a proposal? No problem! SIX ERP makes it easy to edit proposals right from your dashboard. You can change the proposal text, add or remove attachments, and even change the proposal's status. This makes it easy to keep your proposals up-to-date and ensure that they are accurate.

Once a proposal is created, SIX ERP can automatically send it to the appropriate parties for review and approval. This helps to streamline the proposal process and ensure that proposals are sent out on time. We even allow customers to directly e-sign the proposals so you can create estimates or invoices from a sent proposal.

SIX ERP makes it easy for customers to sign proposals from their customer dashboards electronically. This helps to streamline the proposal process and ensure that proposals are signed promptly. When the customer e-signed the proposals, it can automatically create estimates or invoices from a sent proposal, depending on your workflow.

After a proposal is accepted, SIX ERP makes it easy to convert it to an Estimate or Invoice depending on your unique workflows. The process can be streamlined to speed up your sales and cash flow.

You can fully customize the design and formatting of proposals in SIX ERP. Customization  includes your company logo, colors, font, and text, plus other graphical elements. You can also include custom sections or pages in your proposals so that they are tailored to your specific needs.

You're not limited to the built-in proposal templates in SIX ERP. You can also attach your PDFs to proposals so that they are truly customized to your needs. This gives you full control over the look and feel of your proposals. This way, you can also add important information for the customer and have an overview of what was sent. 

Creating proposals can be time-consuming, so SIX ERP allows you to create templates for your most common proposals. You can quickly create new proposals by filling in the relevant information for each customer. This saves you time and ensures that your proposals are consistent. 

Once a proposal is created, you can easily export it as a PDF. This allows you to share the proposal with others or print it out for your records. You can also include a digital signature to bind the proposal legally.

With SIX ERP, you have full control over your proposals. This includes creating tasks, setting reminders, adding notes, and tracking proposal activity. You can also see when the recipient has opened a sent proposal. This helps you stay on top of your proposals and ensure that they are being dealt with promptly.  

  • Task management
  • Automatic reminders
  • Notes
  • Activity Log
  • Track email opening
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