Task Management

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Task Management
Task Management

Task Management is a critical feature in any company. It allows businesses to manage and track the progress of tasks as they are assigned to employees. Task Management will also enable businesses to monitor individual tasks’ progress and identify potential bottlenecks.

Task Management is an essential part of SIX Project Management. It enables team members to track the progress of their tasks and see how they fit into the overall project plan. Effective task management also helps ensure that all tasks are completed on time and within budget.

With SIX Task Management, you can:

  • Create / Edit / Manage Tasks
  • Assign Tasks to Team Members
  • Attach Files to Tasks and Task Commenting
  • Track Task Execution Time
  • Move Tasks between Stages and Milestones
  • Freely relate Tasks to various SIX Modules
  • Task Lists or Kanban Boards
  • Endless Custom Tasks Statuses and Stages

Tasks can be created for various functionalities in SIX ERP. You can create tasks for almost any functionality like Invoicing, Purchase Management, Account Planning, Customer Related Tasks, and many others. Tasks help to stay on top of things that have to follow a simple execution pattern.

Assign as many Team Members to a Task who are required to finish it. Also, add followers to track progress and interact on potential questions during task execution. Members and Followers on Tasks can be any active staff members. 

Add as many files as required to tasks, e.g., technical documents describing the Task. You can also discuss the tasks and create interactions between Team Members or Followers, all neatly related to the Task. 

Task Execution Time monitoring is essential to ensure that tasks are being completed promptly. Task Timers exist to record the time at which a task begins and ends. This information can then be used to calculate the Task's execution time. Client-based Invoicing can also be automated when Tasks belong to billable Projects by reading task execution times in SIX.

Milestones and stages help to keep tasks organized and moving in the right direction. Sometimes tasks need to be moved between milestones or stages to ensure they are completed on time and meet the project requirements.

There are a few ways to move tasks between milestones or stages. The easiest way is to use the drag-and-drop feature in SIX Task management. This allows you to quickly move jobs up or down the list and between different milestones or stages. 

Task management views are the different ways you can view your tasks. There is the list view and the Kanban view.  

The list view is excellent for when you need to get a quick overview of all your tasks. You can easily see when an assignment is due, what stage it is in, and who is charged with it. The list view is also great for checking off tasks as you complete them.

The Kanban view is great for seeing how your tasks are progressing visually. You can see which tasks are in progress, which are waiting on someone else, and which are done. This can help you stay organized and on top of your work. 

Task management is all about staying in control. This means taking charge of every aspect of your tasks, from start to finish. This includes planning and organizing your time efficiently, setting priorities, and tracking your progress. It's also important to stay focused and motivated and to avoid distractions. By taking control of your tasks, you can ensure that your staff can complete them on schedule and to the highest possible standard. 

Task Management is all about ensuring that your clients are kept in the loop with what is happening with their projects. This includes providing they can see what tasks have been completed, what tasks are currently in progress, and what are upcoming. Additionally, you want to ensure that all of your work is transparent and can be traced back to the original request from the client. This helps to build trust and further Transparency between you and your clients. 

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