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Cloud Native

SIX ERP Solutions run in the Cloud. Endless Scalability to fit any amount of users, data and processing power!

Transparent Costs

Only pay the annual licence fee to use SIX, add as many users as you wish. With the license you then only need to add the ressources you need and you can use it unlimited.

Custom Features

We add custom developed features to your own SIX Pod on demand. Think endless possibilities and workflows.

Custom Pod

Each instance of SIX runs isolated within its so-called “pod". We guarantee scalability for 1 to a million users - it's easy!

Premium Security

Rest in peace. Top-notch data isolation and security measures prevent data breaches. All Pods are monitored 24/7.

We're on a mission

SIX ERP is constantly being further developed. You benefit from functions that will be added and integrated in the future. Completely without additional costs.

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“ The easiest and fastest ERP I worked with. Fabulous support and excellent data integrations. Using it for all of my companies and I have to say.. I am truly satisfied. ”

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Optimized and streamline workflows

Optimize day-to-day tasks for quick accomplishment

There is nothing more boring than repetitive tasks. SIX solutions take the hassle , and the most annoying jobs can be automated. Now, you can care for your business - not for maintaining data. 

  • Simplified processes
  • Task automation
  • All-in-one Solution

Transparency all the way

Data availability across the entire business

Data becomes available to whoever needs access. A fine grained access control allows you to share data to employees who need to know. SIX stores data privately in your own Pod, this way, data manipulation becomes a snap. After all, with SIX - you own your data!

  • Completely private solution
  • Highest Data Protection and Security standards
  • GDPA compliant
Cost effectiveness compared to similar systems

Cost effectiveness compared to similar systems

Yes, right. We reduce the cost of ownership compared to other systems by up to 2/3 of the average running cost!

We did the math. Comparing cost of ownership for an ERP solution can be substantial. Our unique billing, completely user and functionality independent, makes the difference. Let our consultants make the math with you!

  • Economic - yet feature rich solution
  • Highly adaptable to your own way of working
  • Own your data!

Game Changer

Accessible user interfaces, fast performance, unlimited modules, and unlimited users. SIX ERP adapts to your company and workflows and gives you total freedom to customize and expand as you need, all with a single annual license fee.

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Companies can grow revenue and expand faster while minimizing manual processes and compliance risks.

Drive more business growth with SIX ERP Logo

Companies can grow revenue and expand faster while minimizing manual processes and compliance risks.


ROI after switching to SIX ERP Suite


increased average productivity


reduction in maintenance and running costs

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