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One License – Unlimited Use

Scale your business and integrate all your processes without worrying about hidden costs

Our single license policy makes sure that you only need to pay for the system itself. You can set up unlimited users and also use all of our modules.
This easy license policy enables you to have a transparent overview of your ERP solution without the limitations of per-user licensing or other hurdles.

Start using a complete enterprise-grade ERP solution without any limitations!

Unlimited Users

Your yearly license will cover unlimited users. This makes sure that you never have to worry about onboarding all your employees.

Unlimited Modules & Features

Use every module we have. This enables you to get a complete enterprise-grade ERP solution at a single yearly license fee.

No hidden fees

We believe in trust and transparency, and this is why we only charge a yearly fee without hidden fees or any surprises.

ERP Pricing as it should be

Easy and Transparent Pricing

Annual recurring license fee

The only fee you'll ever have for unlimited functionality and unlimited users.

Pay only for your Resources

No per-user fee, only pay for the resources and capacity your company really needs. We take care of the maintenance, backups, and more.

One-off Setup fee

Never worry about setup, configuration, localization, and user onboarding and IT topics - our one-time setup fee covers it all.

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Easy and Transparent Pricing

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