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Unlimited Users

To integrate an ERP into your company, you don’t want to be limited by costs per user. Give every employee access at no additional charge.

Unlimited Modules & Functions

Use every function and make use of every module. We don’t limit you from using everything SIX has to offer – Even the data integration is all set for you.

Unlimited Technical Support

Don’t worry about paying extra for technical support and service agreements. We are always there to answer your technical questions.

Flexible Setup

We make sure your setup fits your needs. Deploy locally, grow big or have a global redundant high-performance system – you choose.

Only Pay resources

You only pay according to your resource usage. This means you don’t need to spend on a per-user basis -  which gives you total flexibility.

Single License

One license fee per year covers unlimited users, unlimited modules, and even unlimited technical support. Don’t worry about surprises - ever!

Easy and Transparent Pricing

SIX ERP Pricing Model

1. Annual License

One single annual license fee for unlimited users, unlimited modules, and unlimited technical support

We know how untransparent the ERP market can be, and we believe it can be different. You get everything from a leading global enterprise ERP with unlimited possibilities with a yearly license fee.
You can use all modules with all users you need without worrying about hidden fees and costs when scaling your company.

Grow internationally, add new functionalities, connect with more systems, and make the ERP your own. One license will allow you full scalability and freedom to operate your company without worrying about your ERP solution.

1. Annual License

2. Resources

Be fully flexible in the way you operate. Only pay for the resources you need.


0 /mo
Est. User Capacity 1-25 Users

For Small companies and Startups with limited resource usage requirements.

  • 1 Dedicated Pod
  • Shared Resources
  • 6 GB Storage

Shared S

22 /mo
Est. User Capacity 1-25 Users

For Small companies and Startups with limited resource usage requirements.

  • 1 Dedicated Pod
  • Shared Resources
  • 25 GB Storage

Shared M

39 /mo
Est. User Capacity 10-35 Users

For Small and Mid-Size companies with higher storage demands.

  • 1 Dedicated Pod
  • Shared Resources
  • 50 GB Storage

Shared L

65 /mo
Est. User Capacity 10-50 Users

For Mid-Size companies with extended storage demands.

  • 1 Dedicated Pod
  • Shared Resources
  • 100 GB Storage

High Availability and Enterprise Solutions

100+ Users
Globally Scaling Solutions
Regulated Industries

We know that larger and global corporations face different challenges when it comes to scaling their ERP for customized needs. Please contact us directly to talk about your specific needs and dedicated cloud resources.

Contact Sales
Choose your preferred cloud provider

SIX is cloud- and hosting agnostic. For all eventualities - we run everywhere!

3. Setup, Installation, Configuration, and Onboarding

One single fee to get you started with everything you need incl. integration

Get started without worrying about setup, integration, and customization. We set up the entire cloud environment, configure the ERP according to your needs and integrate it with your existing IT environment. *
With our dedicated user onboarding process, we teach your administration team and your users how to efficiently use SIX ERP in their daily tasks so you can be productive in no time.

  • Consulting & Evaluation
  • Integration and Configuration
  • Setup of ERP IT environment
  • Localization and Adaptation
  • Productivity Growth Hacking
  • 2 virtual Administrator Group Onboardings (2 x 3h)
  • 2 virtual User Group Onboardings (2 x 4h)
* In typical use cases, the one-time fee of 8000 EUR covers all integration aspects. There may be additional charges in some cases of complex business integrations and customizations. Please talk to us for more complex requirements.

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