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SIX Accounting: Streamlined and Comprehensive Accounting with Full Integration Across All Functions.

Accounting and<br>

What is Accounting and Finance Management

Decoding Financial Success: Understanding the Essentials of Accounting and Finance Management.

Empower Your Financial Excellence: Unleash the Potential of Accounting and Bookkeeping Software. Streamline Recording and Reporting of Financial Transactions with a Comprehensive General Ledger (GL). Embrace Digital Transformation to Automate Processes and Enhance Real-Time Business Insights. 
Elevate Audits and Ensure Superior Tax Compliance with Enterprise Accounting Software.


Day to Day Accounting

Day to day accounting tasks made easy and intuitively displayed - even for non-accounting personnel
Decorator Accounting and<br>Finance


Manage your budget monthly, quarterly or annually - easy and conveniently
Decorator Accounting and<br>Finance


Extensive Reporting features built in. Balance Sheet, Profit-Loss, Cash Flow and 100 more reports
Decorator Accounting and<br>Finance
SIX ERP Testimonial Cubes
“ The most customizable solution we found replacing our legacy CRM solution we worked with for too long. ”

Enterprise-grade accounting features and accounting automation

All the features for a full-blown General Ledger that seamlessly integrates with the other modules

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Full integration with all SIX Modules

Automation and full integration included

One of the core advantages of SIX ERP is its full integration with other modules. This eliminates the need for manual intervention, automates the flow of information, and allows for a fully transparent financial accounting.

All modules - from sales and purchase up to HR- are integrated with bookkeeping to keep track of every transaction processed.

  • Fully integrated with all modules
  • Automation of transaction processing
  • Full transparency and traceabilityity
Extensive financial insights and reporting

Extensive financial insights and reporting

Comprehensive financial dashboards

With easy-to-understand dashboards and extensive reporting features, you always know what is going on in your company. Visualize important company metrics and understand every aspect of your company.

  • Extensive Reporting
  • Easy Dashboards for KPIs
  • Financial insights at a glance
  • Get real-time financial information

Comply with local accounting regulations and standards

Get full compliance with your accounting system

The accounting software allows the integration of different regulations at once. No matter when the tax year starts/ends, you will always be compliant with the local rules. The sophisticated tax and accounting software allow intelligent mapping of all financial transactions according to your company's needs.

  • Compliant with all local regulations
  • Intelligent financial transaction mapping
  • Define your tax years

The trusted Accounting Software

Tap into a global network of companies who already know and trust SIX.

500+ Companies

use SIX Accounting to manage their financial accounting

100s of Balance Sheets

produced over the past 5 years

500+ companies

use SIX to drive business and growth

Empowering independent business owners everywhere

We are not SaaS - You own your data!

Own your Financial data

You have your own decoupled pods with all your sensitive financial data. You decide who can access related data. You own your data - always!

European solution

Trusted solution built with the strict European standards in mind. SIX is built for leading global companies.

GDPR compliant

Be on the safe side when it comes to data compliance. Our GDPR module makes it possible to manage all data without any hassles safely.

We are not SaaS - You own your data!

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