Warehouse and Inventory Management (WMS)

Warehousing and Inventory management are integrated into a single WMS system. Control your distribution, manage vendors and get insights into your stock and inventory.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

What is warehousing and inventory management

Moving goods and managing the process of storing physical inventory for sales and distribution

Managing warehouses and products before they get shipped or used in a manufacturing process. Efficient warehousing ensures that customers or manufacturing receive goods on time, reduces errors, and prevents lost or stolen fulfillment orders. The warehousing process involves the whole process from receiving, putaway, picking, packing, and shipping.


Warehouse Management

Manage one - or a hundred warehouses inclusive their inventory.
Decorator Warehousing and Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Manage Stock Quantities, variations and inventory pricing.
Decorator Warehousing and Inventory Management

Receiving and Delivery

Add and deduct stock from warehouses, adjust and record loss.
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Inventory and Warehousing features for faster logistics and stock management

Manage your warehouse and inventory with full integration into your sales and management processes

Following leading industry standards

Manage your warehouses and logistics at ease

The warehousing feature allows you to easily manage your inventory, vendors, and warehouses in a single dashboard. Integrated with sales, proposals, and ecommerce, you can automate the information flow of all your goods within the commodity list. The WMS gives complete control following leading industry standards for integration.

  • Integrate easily with your vendors
  • Following leading industry standards
  • Full integration with all SIX sales modules

Manage multiple warehouses and their inventory

Don’t limit yourself from growth

The system allows you to manage multiple different warehouses. Quickly transfer goods from one warehouse to another, manage stock, loss and even track the history of every good. The warehousing software gives you unlimited scalability of your business and total control over the flow of commodities.

  • Manage unlimited warehouses
  • Transfer goods between warehouses
  • Full stock management for every warehouse

Full traceability of commodities and inventory

Get insights into your whole flow of goods

Don’t just manage the flow of goods within your own company. With the full interoperability using APIs, you can access information from outside the company, integrate it into the process and connect your warehouse management system with other 3rd party systems at ease.

  • Integrate with external systems via API
  • Get transparency into your flow of goods
  • Consistent data management

Manage all aspects of your inventory

Stock management, product management, and more

Manage important information around your goods and inventory. Manage minimum and maximum stocks, define pricing, markups, and product features. The inventory system gives you complete control of every aspect of your products.

  • Manage product details
  • Stock Management
  • Inventory Control and Management

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