Manufacturing Management

Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Journey with SIX ERP's All-Inclusive Manufacturing Module – Seamlessly Streamlining Processes from Start to Finish.


What is Manufacturing Management?

Empowering Manufacturing Excellence: The Key Element for Optimizing Your Production Processes.

Navigating the intricacies of contemporary manufacturing involves a delicate balance of interconnected tasks, spanning from order planning to the completion of finished goods. Embedded within the comprehensive SIX ERP suite, our Manufacturing Management Software module serves as a pivotal tool, enabling you to harmonize and optimize the entire intricate landscape of manufacturing processes. 
Whether you're producing complete products or assembling kits, effortlessly oversee your operations through our dedicated interface. Gain immediate insights into work orders, capacities, and time efficiencies, ensuring your manufacturing operations stand as a benchmark for productivity and quality.

Manufacturing Management

Control Whole Product and Kit Manufacturing Effortlessly

Seamlessly oversee the entire life cycle of your products, including complex kit-assemblies.
Decorator Manufacturing Management
Work Orders

Detailed Task Allocation

Breakdown manufacturing orders into work orders for more precise tracking and execution.
Decorator Manufacturing Management
Work Center Management

Simplified Work Center Oversight

Manage all your work centers effectively to optimize productivity.
Decorator Manufacturing Management
Capacity Planning

In-Depth Resource Management

Leverage extensive capacity planning features for real-time adjustments and time-efficiency analysis.
Decorator Manufacturing Management
Routing and Sequencing

Efficient Process Pathways

Manage the flow of your production line through sophisticated routing, sequencing, and dependency management.
Decorator Manufacturing Management
Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Extensive BOM Capabilities

Keep track of all the raw materials, components, and assemblies needed for production with our comprehensive BOM tools.
Decorator Manufacturing Management
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Explore the myriad features in our Manufacturing Management system – here are some standout highlights!

A commitment to prioritize seven essential features in our Manufacturing Management system.

Holistic Manufacturing Management Solution

All-in-One Solution for End-to-End Manufacturing

Seamlessly control your manufacturing processes from ideation to the final product through our all-encompassing Manufacturing Management module. Effortlessly manage whole product and kit manufacturing with precision. Gain real-time insights for efficient decision-making, ensuring your production aligns seamlessly with business goals. Simplify complexity, focus on innovation, and elevate manufacturing efficiency with our holistic solution.

  • Full visibility into your manufacturing process
  • Simplified kit-assembling management
  • Real-time status tracking for ongoing and completed tasks

Efficient Management of Manufacturing Orders

Keep Your Orders in Check

Say goodbye to missed deadlines and production errors. Our Manufacturing Orders feature offers a revolutionary solution to enhance your production control. With a centralized dashboard, you gain a comprehensive overview of all manufacturing orders, allowing you to efficiently manage and track each step of the production process.

  • Comprehensive view of all manufacturing orders
  • Prioritize orders based on deadlines or customer importance
  • Instant updates for real-time adjustments

Work Orders Simplified

Streamline Task Execution

Break down complex manufacturing orders into manageable work orders, revolutionizing your production efficiency. This granular approach not only provides a detailed breakdown but becomes the cornerstone of your strategic manufacturing control.

  • Detailed breakdown of manufacturing orders into work orders
  • Precise resource allocation for each task
  • Status tracking for timely execution and updates

Complete Work Center Management

Optimize Your Work Centers

At the heart of your facility, each work center is a specialized hub of activity. Elevate your operational efficiency with our Work Center Management feature, designed to maximize productivity in these vital hubs.

  • Centralized management of all work centers
  • Real-time monitoring for optimum utilization
  • Resource allocation based on individual work center capabilities

Advanced Capacity Planning

Resource Optimization and Time-Efficiency Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your resources and maintain optimal efficiency with our comprehensive capacity planning features. Don't let valuable assets go underutilized—seize control of your operations and enhance productivity consistently.

  • Dynamic capacity planning based on real-time data
  • Time-efficiency analysis for productivity assessment
  • Immediate adjustments for resource optimization

Masterful Routing, Sequencing, and Dependency Management

Streamline Your Production Line

Navigate the intricate landscape of production with ease through our sophisticated features encompassing intelligent routing, sequence planning, and meticulous dependency management. Elevate your manufacturing efficiency by simplifying the complex web of production steps.

  • Automated routing for efficient manufacturing paths
  • Sequence planning for optimized process flow
  • Dependency tracking for coordinated task execution

Extensive Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Keep Your Inventory in Check

Efficiently monitor every facet of your manufacturing process by seamlessly tracking materials, components, and sub-assemblies with our comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) management. Take control of even the most intricate assemblies and ensure a smooth manufacturing journey.

  • Real-time inventory tracking for all components
  • Dynamic updates for material usage
  • Simplified sub-assembly tracking and management

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