Integration & Configuration

We set up and integrate your ERP solution according to your specifications

Setup and integration

We configure and set up the system for you so that it is ready for use in the shortest possible time.


Personalization of your ERP and preparation for use in day-to-day business


Our ERP is designed for customization. We can integrate your processes and requirements and fully customize it to your business

Setup, integration, configuration and more

IT infrastructure, setup of SIX ERP and integration into your company

Integrating an ERP system can be a demanding process. We support you every step of the way with professional advice. We take care of everything from setup to integration with third-party systems and customization to your specific business needs. If your business requires special functionality and modules, we'll handle that, too.

During the implementation phase, we constantly monitor requirements and advise you when we see potential changes to make the implementation more efficient.

With the ability to fully customize and individualize the ERP system to your needs, we also ensure that it fits your corporate identity and works flawlessly right away.

ERP integration consulting

ERP integration consulting

Integrate the ERP into your company

We support you from the beginning of the integration until you take care of using it in your daily business. SIX ERP can be customized in many ways and integrate seamlessly into your operations.

We implement all necessary functionalities and integrate it with third-party systems. 

  • Customized service
  • ERP Business Integration
  • Third-party integrations

SIX ERP setup and configuration

Customize it to your business and style

We set up your pods, integrate them into your existing IT environment, ensure the security of your data and create a backup routine. Our setup service covers all aspects of ERP integration in your company.

Our configuration assistance also ensures that your system is adapted to your corporate identity and that you can start using your ERP immediately.

  • Technical setup
  • Backups and security
  • Configuration and design
SIX ERP Testimonial Cubes
“ The most customizable solution we found replacing our legacy CRM solution we worked with for too long. ”

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