Financial Management

Streamline your invoicing, expense tracking, and refund management with our automated system. Our convenient invoicing tool supports billing in multiple currencies. Maintain control over your expenses with user-friendly dashboards and alerts for expenditure overruns.


What is Invoicing, Expense - and Refund Management

Streamlining Financial Management: Efficient Invoice, Expense & Refund Processing

Financial management encompasses Invoice Management or invoice processing, which involves billing customers for utilized products, services, or time. By employing automation, the invoicing process is enhanced, with mechanisms in place to send automated reminders for unsettled invoices. Expense and refund management, on the other hand, monitors employees' expenditures and can even automate the refund process. Together, these system components offer superior cash flow tracking and provide managers with a comprehensive financial overview.


Expense Tracking

Track, manage and pay expenses, project - or employee based.
Decorator Invoicing, Expense and Refund

Credit Notes

Issue and manage Refunds or Credit Notes towards your clients.
Decorator Invoicing, Expense and Refund
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“ The easiest and fastest ERP I worked with. Fabulous support and excellent data integrations. Using it for all of my companies and I have to say.. I am truly satisfied. ”

All the features you need to manage invoices, expenses, and even refunds

Manage your cash flow with all the incoming and outgoing invoices. Get full traceability of invoices and expenses.

Automate the invoicing workflow

Automate the invoicing workflow

Get your invoices paid faster

Make invoices, send the invoices immediately, notify someone overdue, and offer online payments. The invoicing process can even handle multiple currencies and can be connected with your ecommerce.

An additional feature is the "Invoice Merging" - Combine unlimited invoices into a single invoice for easier processing. Automate your payment reminders and customer notifications via eMail, SMS, or custom dashboards.

  • Automate your invoicing
  • Notify your customers via many channels
  • Integrate with ecommerce
  • Manage multiple currencies
Trace customer related expenses

Trace customer related expenses

Expense Tracking and Expense Management

Track all expenses related to customers, projects, or even tasks. Get a simple expense tracking in place that even handles multicurrency expense management. This integration allows for transparent expense processing and fast billing.

  • Track expenses for customers, projects, and tasks
  • Multicurrency Expense Management
  • Transparent expense tracking
Track refundable expenses for employees

Track refundable expenses for employees

Easily manage allowances and refund your staff

Track all expenses your employees cover and automate the process of refunding. Managing these expenses gets more manageable and even allows for a better overview—set allowances and track expenses of employees with a single dashboard.

  • Manage employee allowances
  • Track expenses and reimburse them
  • Attach invoices to expenses

The Invoicing Solution leading companies trust

Tap into a global network of companies who already know and trust SIX.

200,000+ Invoices

have been issued by SIX

450,000+ Expenses

tracked and managed by SIX

500+ companies

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Empowering independent business owners everywhere

We are not SaaS - You own your data!

Own your Invoicing and Expense data

You have your own decoupled pods with all your data. You decide who can access invoice and expense-related data. You own your data - always!

European solution

Trusted solution built with the strict European standards in mind. SIX is built for leading global companies.

GDPR compliant

Be on the safe side when it comes to data compliance. Our GDPR module makes it possible to manage all data without any hassles safely.

We are not SaaS - You own your data!

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