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"Ben" is an international, renowned expert in the field of digitalization, change management, and innovation. He founded his first company at 13, and many more have followed. His passion is changing the status quo with technology and innovation. His experience ranges from marketing, change management, and digital product and strategy development to platforms and complex ecosystems. Since 2017, Benjamin Talin is also founder and CEO of MoreThanDigital, which has become one of the world's leading platforms for digitalization, innovation, and future topics.

  • ERP Integrations - To Do or Not To Do?
    • ERP Systems
    • 19.12.2022
    ERP Integrations - To Do or Not To Do?

    This blog post will explore when you should and shouldn't execute an ERP integration.ERP integrations can offer a lot of potential benefits for companies. They can provide a way to better fit the software to the company's specific processes and needs and improve data flow between systems. However, before considering an integration, it's essential to get educated on existing software...

  • Intelligent tech in Agriculture
    • Manufacturing
    • 24.11.2022
    Intelligent tech in Agriculture

    Drought, hail, constant rain - climate change has far-reaching consequences for us and agriculture. Learn how innovative agriculture technologies can help achieve higher yields, maintain biological diversity, and be innovative simultaneously. Besides Governments, also we at SIX have committed to fighting climate change and helping agricultural producers and farmers to become CO2-neutral.But will all combined efforts be enough to stop climate...

  • ERP pricing models
    • ERP Systems
    • 21.11.2022
    ERP Pricing Models

    Regarding enterprise resource planning (ERP) pricing models, there are three main options: subscription, perpetual, and usage-based. Subscription ERP models typically pay a monthly or annual fee, while perpetual ERPs require an upfront payment followed by periodic maintenance fees. On the other hand, usage-based ERPs bill customers based on actual usage. While each model has its advantages and disadvantages, subscription models...

  • Successful human resource management
    • HRM
    • 15.11.2022
    Successful human resource management: the fuel for every company

    Human resource management (HRM) is a business administration sub-area that revolves around work and personnel aspects. It combines all strategies, measures, and fields of action of HR, which are to support the company's development - also with the help of change processes.In large companies, HR management can also be synonymous with the personnel department. In everyday work, however, HR management...

  • 5 Tips for Managing Risk During an ERP Implementation
    • ERP Systems
    • 10.11.2022
    5 Tips for Managing Risk During an ERP Implementation

    Like most business owners, you're probably excited about the prospects of implementing a new ERP system. However, ERP implementations can be complex and risky, so taking steps to manage risk during the process is essential. This blog post will discuss five tips for managing risk during an ERP implementation. Following these tips can help ensure a successful implementation and avoid...