ERP Term
"Ship Via "

Ship Via is a method used to ship a product to the customer.

Ship via is the method used to ship products to the customer. This can include different shipping methods like ground, air, or freight. Customers can select their preferred ship via when they checkout. 

There are many advantages to shipping products via a specific method. For example, ground shipping is usually cheaper than air shipping but takes longer. Air shipping is more expensive but gets the product to the customer much faster. Freight shipping is often used for large items that cannot be shipped using standard methods.

Some companies may offer multiple shipping options so customers can choose the best suits their needs. Others may only offer one type of shipping. It all depends on the company's shipping policy.

Ship via is an important consideration when shopping online. Customers should know the different shipping options and how much each option costs. They should also consider how long they will wait for the product to arrive. Shipping times can vary depending on the method used, so selecting the option best meets the customer's needs is essential. 

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